Xanti Schawinsky

Expanded Vision


Xanti Schawinsky (1904-1979) became famous thanks to his innovative approach to design and artistic education, indicating a new direction in modern art and design development. His works were characterised by an experimental spirit and the drive to go beyond traditional artistic boundaries.

During the spring of 1924, Schawinsky has commenced an introductory course in Bauhaus, where he studied the foundations of theory of form and color under the direction of László Moholy-Nagy, and Wassily Kandinsky, and among his other teachers one could find Paul Klee and Water Gropius. Just after his arrival at the Bauhaus, he became a member of the scenographic atelier of Oskar Schlemmer, where he began making his own drafts and pantomimes based on dance. There, Schawinsky began to develop ‘Spectodrama’, an earlier version of the Total Theater.